Eurogas choose us to tell the story of the 5th Generation of Energy. My collaborator Christian and I proposed a colorfull and dynamic way of transmitting their message.
The goal was to tell the story of the different kind of energy sources then imagining what could be the next generation of energy.
By respecting their graphic Identity (the Eurogas logo's color scheme goes from yellow to blue) we provided them a video which not only explains how we could get there but also that connects us with a touch of poetry.

Client: Eurogas
Script: Eurogas / Jeremy Depuydt
Art Direction: Christian Picon / Jeremy depuydt
Direction: Christian Picon / Jeremy Depuydt
Backgrounds : Christian Picon / Manon Godet
Animation: Manon Godet / Jeremy Depuydt
Music: Fabulous Journey 
Voice Over: Mary Jane Wells

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